Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Carter and Coleson

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins!!!!

At 9:17 and 9:18 am 8 years ago today I twisted my neck one way and then the other trying so hard to capture each of them.
8 years later I'm still spinning my neck from side to side trying to keep up and capture each of their moments.

I Love each of you.
I love you as amazing individuals and I love you as an amazing duo.
You take life to a whole new level.
I'm in shock today that you are 8.

The boys were so excited when they woke up.
The first words out of each of their mouths were: "We're EIGHT!"
Coleson woke up first and when Carter woke up 5 minutes later; the look on Coleson's face was pure "twinness".... "Carter we're eight!"
Someone to always celebrate with.
Someone that knows how you feel on this day.
This morning I'd say they felt silly.

We celebrated Friday night with a bowling party for all the boys in their class.
12 boys.
We brought in the back up -  Grandma and Grandpa to help. (THANK YOU!!)
They had a blast and again the theme was silly.
I think it's an 8 yr old theme.
Never really did get any decent pics .... I was a little busy to play "photographer". :))

Getting them all fit for shoes was quite comical.
You could tell they had all been recently school shoe shopping.
They were all saying, "These slip a little". "These are a little tight here." "These are a little big here."

We made lego cakes. Coleson a red brick. Carter a yellow brick. An extra green brick that cracked.
8 year old boys don't care.
They were like, "That cake is cool."
That's why I like 8 year old boys. :))

Happy Birthday Carter and Coleson !!
Eight is gonna be GREAT!


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Angie said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!!! Bowling parties are always so much fun. I bet they had a blast. Oh and btw, the cakes are too cute :)

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