Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Day - for everyone!

First day of school (for everyone) completed ! 

It was a good first day.

This is my favorite pic of the day . . . I think I'll be printing this one out . . . the look on her face seems to be saying, "Guys can you believe I finally get to come too."

She was so excited for this day.
Nervous but excited.
Add a few more emotions to that list and that's how I felt too.

 Mrs. Peters is a lucky lady to get to hang out with this girl all year.
That's how I feel about all my kids teachers.

We took our "first day of school pics" and this year I added the name signs. We'll see if we keep that up; pinterest idea.

Even as I post this picture I still can't believe they are all four in it. 

I love a shoe picture because give them two weeks and their sweet looking shoes don't look so sweet anymore!


For three days she told me, "Mom remember, side pony tail with a bun." 
Check we remembered.

Gotta love a good attitude for a 5th Grader.
Thankfully he loves being with friends so school is still cool.

So what did momma do all day? (well it was just a half day so it went quick)
I cried and then made a cake.

Since the day Ian started kindergarten I've always made them a special snack on the first day.
His first day it was a school bus cake and for some reason they all remember that cake.
So this year I made a bus again. . . well a vertically short bus. 
It's ok you can laugh at it.
It was made with a lot of love and tears this year (literally).

It's hard to tell in the picture but it's pink.
I made it yellow and used spray frosting to make it pink.

Since Tatum has been two yrs old and walking to the bus stop with Ian she would tell me, "I'm gonna ride a pink bus when I go to school." and I'd say, "You are gonna be waiting a long time for a pink bus to come get you."

They all loved it.

 Then we went to the pool.
Perfect way to pretend summer is still here.

Day two they road the bus.
Tatum was nervous and wanted Ian to hold her hand, sit with her, and walk her to her class.
Big brother to the rescue!
Nothing makes a momma's heart melt more than siblings being there for one another.

And just like that the year will go on and my kids will grow another year smarter!



Dana said...

Oh my goodness! Sweet kiddos.
A few observations:
-Sparkly Toms and a side ponytail bun= WIN. Go Tatum.
- Ian looks like a young version of one of the kids on Home Improvement. What a heartbreaker!
- And, I got teary just thinking of how you felt that day and at the pictures of Tatum and Ian getting on the bus together. So sweet.
You are a wonderful mama.. thanks for keeping us in the loop with your wonderful family. Love to you all!

Lisa said...

I do a special snack on the first day too! Probably got the idea from you! School starts here tomorrow and I need to figure out what to make. Addison has already been asking me what her special treat is going to be! Loved the pictures, especially the ones of Ian and Tatum getting on the bus. So sweet!

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