Wednesday, August 15, 2012


10 days

2100+ miles logged in the amazing dodge caravan - it just keeps 'a going.

0 stops at McDonalds
People this is a serious stat - never been done before on our road trips.
I call that success.

I want to show you some pics and tell you about it but we got home and hit the ground running; we had 48 hours with 2 goals in mind . . .

1  Get ready for school (aka:  do laundry, hang up new school clothes, label school supplies, try to go to bed early, pack back packs and look over lists to make sure we weren't forgetting something.)

2  Enjoy our last two days of no school (aka:  sleep in, go to the pool , and see friends)

School starts in about 8 hours and I'd say we accomplished both of these things. We never get enough of summer around here but eventually it's time.

The thing we DIDN'T accomplish is getting mom (me) ready to say goodbye to my last baby.

(Picture from our "back to school shopping day" - my last "kindergarten shopping" trip)

Yep, tomorrow is the beginning of something new and the end of something I can't even wrap my head around.
10 years.
10 years!
I know many of you spread it out more and have way many more years on me with a kid at home but for us it was just 10 years.
10 intense years!
Years I loved -- wanted -- and would do all over again in a heart beat.

Tomorrow is a new day.
The start of another another season and I want to love it and want it and be willing to do it all over again.
So I'll cry and be nostalgic and try to figure out what this is all gonna look like but I'm so thankful for my memories and the memories yet to come!



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Kimberlee said...

Praying for a beautiful day and another great 10 years!

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