Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's a Saturday.

Extreme Randomness ....

It's a Saturday.

I've got a long list of things I'm hoping to get done.
Blogging is not one of them but oh well.

Summer Break seems to be slipping away.
We have another road trip in our near future and then school will begin.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!
Which means while we play each day we also have to get some normal real life things done.

My house is a pit.
Imagine a messy house of toys and what nots.
Imagine a place where four kids live.
The real life kind of four kids .... you know the kind that totally know how to get there own snacks and bowls of cereal and toys out but the kind that somehow forget how to put those things back or pick up after themselves.
I'm going to call that real life and not bad parenting because they have all learned the pick up skills.
Today we are finding our carpet again and a home for those toys.
We're doing it to some fun music playing which always helps.

I'm loving the song "Let Me Take You There" by Plain White T's and "The Call" by Regina Bell. I'm loving them both for different reasons.  They are both on my playlist.
(You can listen to my playlist now by clicking on the link on the side and then the playlist plays. It's a change in the site. Sort of like it because you don't have to always listen to the music.)

Here's a few quotes form the songs that I'm loving .

"The Call"
It started out as a feeling. 
Which then grew into a hope. 
Which then turned into a quiet thought which then turned into a quiet word.
And then that word grew louder and louder and until it was a battle cry.

Sums up some of the thoughts whirling around in my heart the past week and days.
Things developing and dreams growing. 
Makes me want to scream from the mountain top some of the cries in my heart.

On a total different note. 

"Let Me Take You There"
 I know a place that we can go to.
A place where no one knows you. 
They won't know who we are. 
I know a place that we can run to.  
Do those things we want to. 
They won't know who we are.
Let me take you there.
I want to take you there.

Doesn't that sound nice?
I picture a quiet beach.
A place without distractions and real life responsibilities.
A place without emails and texts and cell phones and all the other gadgets that have us on call to the world 24/7.
A place where you don't hear mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. mom? mom. .............

I don't always follow the news. 
Used too and then I became a mom.
I think it was when I became a mom of three that the news went out the window.
Other types of news took up the space in my life.
But I read Jen Hatmaker's latest post on some of the things whirling around in news.
How I love how she is so direct. 
She puts words to my thoughts.
She cuts to the biblical heart of things.
Chew on it.
Let it sink it.
May it cause us to all ask ourselves how we as believers in Jesus interact with the world and the time God has put us in.

Did you watch the Olympic Opening?
We did.
Part last night and part this morning.
We've had our cable on pause for the month just to take a break while we did other things this summer but had to get locals back just so we could be a part of the Olympic fun!
I didn't think it would hold the kids attention but it did - I thought it would be to abstract.
My favorite comments were ... 
Coleson: "That is impressive."
Carter: "Did they practice?"
Tatum: "Do they have to wear old fashion clothes?"
Coleson: (about the guy who created the world wide web) "That guy knows a lot about technology."
All of them:  "How do they do that?"  I think I heard that comment 100x.

We learned things about different countries, eras of music, literature and more.
What a show.
Let the events begin!

Was that enough randomness for you on your Saturday?
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.


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Angie said...

Your house sounds like mine!!! It seems no one around here knows how to put anything back from where they got it from. Go figure!

Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous friend :)

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