Friday, July 6, 2012


1750 miles.
Good  Great times.

Lots of pictures to post.
Our annual Glanzer 4th of July Trip this year was in Ft. Worth Texas and then we took the long way home through Arkansas to visit friends.

One of the highlights of our trip was the Rangers Game.

My dad and brothers are avid baseball fans.
I grew up an "Astro Buddy" and took in countless games at the Astrodome; so this was really special for my dad to take us all to a major league game.
My boys had been looking forward to it for months.
We all were.

The boom stick is a new thing this year; a hotdog the length of a bat.
Hilarious. (Only in Texas right?)

 It was passed around and if I'm correct it was finished eventually.

We had some of the cutest fans there.

My nieces' have been to many Ranger games so they knew all the songs.
I wish I had my niece on video singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" - it is crazy adorable.
(And yes she knows her sunglasses are on upside down; that's how she likes them.)

Thanks Glanzer's for another great year.
Here's to 10 more years of great 4th of July family trips!!


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Lynette said...

So glad we could see you on your way home! We love you!
The Cross Crew

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