Friday, June 29, 2012

A late Father's Day Post, Birthday Post and Other Stuff

Before I flip the June page on my calendar I have to post about Father's Day.
Because it was a very nice day and because I have an amazing Dad and my kids have an amazing Daddy.

My kids adore this guy. 
Off the top of my head these would be the things they love to do with him . . . 

Jump on the Trampoline (he gives them an awesome bounce)
Go Swimming
Play Catch
Watch Myth Busters
Go on "Dad Dates" with him
Read with him
Shoot guns
Jump off the Diving Board 
Go Camping or do campfires 

He's the best dad - works really hard for our family but never for a minute forgets to take the time 
to play with us; be with us. 
Our kids don't see all the sacrifice that goes into keeping that balance; but someday they will grow up and I have no doubt they will be thankful for it.
Thank you Jason. 

We spent Father's day with friends.
Friends with lots of kids.
This is only the offspring of three families. FUN times!

Everyone was having a great time; kids, moms, dads . . . . that's the definition of a great family day.

If you are adopted, have adopted or just want to read a story of love and following the promptings of God read this post.

I have her blog on my side bar, The Sunshine Chronicles; she doesn't post often but when she does it is always a beautiful story and resonates deep within me.

This post made me wonder what promptings am I hearing from God? Am I acting on them or explaining them away? What do I need to do now in my life because it might matter?


Couple more pics before June disappears . . .
Pics from Ian's 10th Birthday party at the beginning of June. . .

9 was a good year for this kid.
10 will be too.

June went too quick.
Praying July will go s.l.o.w.l.y ! ! !
We have a full calendar in July and I want to enjoy the moments that make up the month not just each event.

I hope you enjoy your moments today; where ever you spend them.


1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

1. i want your friends.
2. cute hair
3. love the man party
4. cute apron
miss you!!!

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