Sunday, May 20, 2012

Schools out for Summer

SUMMER break is here!
Have I told you I love summer?
I love it.

We tried to kick it off with a mini party but it turned into a literal dust storm.
Thank you wind and dust for joining our "Schools out for Summer party".

I'm hoping the first "transition weeks" go okay.
You know, the ones where we all learn to hang out in the same space all day long.
So far so good.
The first thing on my summer list is . . . TO SLOW DOWN.
We are.

Great $5 purchase for some new fun.

One thing accomplished already for the summer; no training wheels. Check.

We are all working on the fun summer list and I'm still brainstorming my "Summer Sanity" plan 
for us all. 
What plans do you put into place to make it all run smooth?
I'd love to hear your ideas.


Lynette said...

Ummmmmmm -- wish I had a plan for smoothness -- this is going to be one wild summer! Love you Sister!

domesticjoys said...

I'm so jealous that you are already on summer break! We have until June 15... feels wrong to me to go that far into June!

I'm doing a summer checklist, like you did a few years back... Here are a few unique things we are going to try.
1. Kids make dinner night (should be interesting to see what they come up with)
2. Cookies for neighbors
3. Go fishing at a local lake or stream.
... then lots of ours have to do with the beach... come join us for some beach fun : )

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