Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mother's Day was filled with happiness.

Next year I'm sure one of my kids will be taller than me. Yikes.

Breakfast in bed made with love, 
I got to pick out their clothes without any arguing (that was my Mother's Day request), 
lunch at a favorite place (we finally got one close to us),

Shopping at a nursery for flowers.
The colors were so happy.


Wouldn't one of these happy chairs look great in my yard?

Isn't this picture hilarious? 
It looks like Jas is checking out yellow pants lady. 
He was taken back by how big the hanging plants were that these ladies were buying but it is hilarious to me. 

A stop for Moms Favorite Drink

The gift of time with this guy planting the flowers.
The gift of time is the best gift ever.

While we worked together the kids just had a lazy evening playing with each other. Sometimes getting along. Sometimes not. Mother's Day is still a normal day ya know.

Closed the day all watching a show together and eating leftovers from that same great place. 
A very happy day for me.

Now I'm off to drink a 5 hour energy drink and tackle this day . . . only 2 1/2 days till 



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Kimberlee said...

Now that was a happy post.
Sounds like the perfect day!

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