Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Tomorrow is WORLD WATER DAY!!!

Just today I took a long hot shower in the middle of the day.
I had several extra kiddos today.
Jason came home for lunch and I said, "While you are here I'm going to take a shower."
I stood in the shower extra long.
I let the hot water warm me up. 
Then I turned it to cooler water. 
When it got to cool I switched it to hot.
Back and forth; enjoying the hot and cool water.
Taking a moment to wake up and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.
What a luxury.

On World Water Day tomorrow I am lending my voice to the The Adventure Project, to help raise funds for clean water in India. 

If you are in blog world I know you've seen this.
You maybe have already given - YEAH!

The Adventure Project is doing something extraordinary that I'm thrilled to be a part of. They are providing tools and training for people to start well mechanics businesses, so they can fix and maintain broken wells, ensuring sustainable access to clean water for 5,000 people in surrounding communities. Sadly, 1/3 of all wells are currently broken, and local communities do not have the resources to fix them. This is an empowering solution and I love that they are creating jobs that serve the communities to clean water and we can help. 

The goal is to help The Adventure Project hire 186 mechanics in poor, rural regions of India. Once hired, the mechanics will help 930,000 people to clean water! That's almost a million people! 

The Adventure Project has a foundation that is going to match all the money donated on World Water day up to $25K - that means their is a potential to raise $50,000 for the well mechanics in India. 

All you have to do to help raise money is click on this link and donate! 
You can donate a little or a lot.
Get your kids involved.
Maybe they want to give a dollar or two.
Face book it - spread the word. You can donate under anyone. 
There are many other organizations that you can give to the world water crisis.
Whatever organizations you are connected with - give to.

I've invited my preschool families to engage their children in World Water Day by doing a simple activity. 
Put a sticky note or note pad by each sink.
All day long, or for several days, have everyone put a tally mark on the paper each time you turn the water on, take a bath, flush a toilet etc.
Just take notice and become aware of how much we depend on water.
Use tomorrow as a teaching day.
If you want a real visual for your kids have them put a sticky note on the mirror or on a chart each time. You could have a house full of sticky notes by the end of the weekend!!

You can go to the link now and donate early if you want or you can donate tomorrow! 
Celebrate Water and give some to those in need.


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