Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it to late?

Is it to late to post about Green Day?

I had a date.
Went to hear Matt Nathenson.
I've had his songs on the blog lately - loving his stuff.
So very good.

The Venue (Slow Down) was really neat too. Smaller. Clean. Nice. If we go there again I'm going extra early for one of the little table for twos just at the edge of the pit.
We stood all night.

So we grabbed pizza at a little place and stood in line to get in.
While in line Jason kept raggin on us saying we were the only ones not in green.
It wasn't entirely true - I saw at least three other people.

He was gonna wear a green shirt but I talked him out of it b/c I couldn't figure out anything green for me.
Male wardrobes vs Female wardrobes --- don't even get me started.
So while in line I had to run back to to the car to get something so I ran into a little boutique and wa-la came out with these.

I think his face said something like, "Are you serious?"
Oh yes.
We wore them all. night. long.
We're dorks I know.

We laughed so hard at this picture.
Check out the lady in the back.
I'm not sure she was enjoying herself???

Jas always feels bad when someone can't see around him, he thought that was her issue.
Me on the other hand was like, um she chose to stand behind you. You were there long before her.
Not sure why people rag on tall people.
I've watched the guy deal with airplanes and all sorts of places that don't suit him. He never glares at the short people on the flight.
Tallness is in his favor  at a concert!

Here's a glimpse at the music. My favorite song by him is - Faster (it's the first one on the blog right now). It's just fun feel good music.
Good stuff.

Thanks mom for hanging with the kids.
Makes the night so much more fun when we know they are having a good time.



Angie said...

What a fun date! Totally loving the armbands. I'm a dork though so ya know how it is. Glad you all enjoyed :)

Kimberlee said...

The lady in the picture with you two...looks like you were chaperoned by somebodies mom. But I know both of your mom's and they both would have huge smiles on their faces! Great aunt Gertrude perhaps?

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