Monday, December 5, 2011


Snow fun!!
We had our first snow this weekend.
Kids spent an hour or more after school today enjoying the snow hill.

Saturday when it snowed they were so excited to go out.
Jason went out with them; I tried.
I did for a little bit but to be real honest, the first time a kid even started to say, "I'm ready to go inside" I was saying, "I'll go with you." 
I was cold.
Someone had to get the hot chocolate and peppermint flavored marsh mellows ready.
Thankfully they had one playful, cool dad to throw snowballs at and dig forts.

The wind was so bad Saturday that they found the side of the house that was blocked from the wind.
Quickly a game of "King of the Toy Box" started between the twins.
They giggled the whole time.
It was rough boy play.
They were like puppies in the snow together.
I watched, listened to the sounds of joy (hoping it wouldn't turn into sounds of tears) and snapped pictures.

Here's where my mom thinking says, "Someone is really going to get hurt."

It didn't take long and they ganged up on him.

Tears never came, which is really a miracle.
They had a blast and burned off a lot of energy.

My laundry room floor might be wet for days but the kids will get fresh air and that's awesome.


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