Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Picture

This picture is so funny to me for so many reasons.
For one; they don't believe in Santa, never have.

( I know some of you just gasped; it's ok, the kids are fine. Some of you just had the thought "party poopers" in your head. Let me assure you we party plenty at this house of 6. The kids all know the story of Saint Nick and are happy to play along with your kids. We have great imaginations here. Other than the year one child told another that they were infact correct that Santa WAS real but that he was now dead, we haven't ruined Christmas magic for others. It's sort of fun to see them knowingly look at me when a friend of theirs is talking about Santa; it's like we are sharing a little secret. ha.)

Anyways, back to the picture.

Right before we went in Jason told them to remember not to tell him he's not real because he might not even know he's not real.
They thought that was hilarious.

They proudly wore their shirts they made in school.

Crazy about these two boys. They make me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Today on tv it said, "Feliz Navidad".

I asked them if they knew what that meant and Coleson said, "Yeah, Taco Johns."


My twins are growing up so much faster than I ever dreamed they would when I held them for the first time.  (Sniff sniff)

This time of year I'm always reminded how fast the seasons fly.


1 comment:

Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

how fun! i may just have to pick your brain, since we aren't doing the santa thing either. -melissa

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