Monday, November 28, 2011

Voting, and Random Life Stuff

The voting date for this event 

has changed.
I'll remind you Thursday to go vote for us.

Are you done Christmas shopping yet?
I haven't even started.
Not ONE thing.
Not ONE.
I'm not worried; it will get done.

It seems like every year I list some places or ideas for Christmas giving on my blog.
This year one of the blogs I follow; Dreaming Big Dream,  has some great ideas for Christmas giving.
Check out all the links; they are all gifts that will also benefit someone that is in real need.

I maybe haven't Christmas shopped but I have been working out again.
I got a good butt chewing motivational speech from a dear friend.
I needed it.
Adding a part time job to my life, on top of so many other big things in our life and exercise just took a serious back seat.
It's back where it needs to be.
Sadly I'm in the "redoing all the hard work I already had done" phase again.
Oh well.
I cried about it and now it's time to do something about it.
Thanks friend, you know who you are.
I love you; you can motivate me anytime.


Tonight at dinner I laughed so hard.
Those of you that know me can probably almost hear the laugh.
It's more of a cackle wouldn't you say?

Anyways, the conversation revolved around farting.
One boy said, "Did you know that some people don't know girls fart?"
He was appalled at this.
I'll just stop with the rest of that conversation but the whole thing was hilarious because it was a serious conversation going on, plus the cackling by me.
Then the conversation switched and one boy said, "Did you know some girls say it's a law, a LAW, that boys can't hit girls?" (pause) "Those girls just say that because they don't want to get hurt."
(Just for the record we don't condone hitting girls.)

It was a good laugh.

I wish I had pictures for you of something - anything really.
I just haven't been picking up my camera lately.
I have however been dreaming of a new camera - someday.
In 2012 I've gotta start snapping again.
It brings me J O Y!


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