Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A little color in my day.
Ever need some color in your day?
The last couple days the sky has been grey.
Today the sun is shinning. 
Regardless of the color of the sky there is color all around me.

Pottery Barn Pillow that added some color to my world this spring.

Come on in.
Wish you could come visit.

Tis the Season for Eggs - Resurrection Eggs

Need to save some lego pieces you are working with? 
This is where they go . . . or supposed to go.

Easter Shirts Ready to be ironed.

Ian's art project from second grade - it's the Utah Mountains.

There is lots of color in this girls' room. Most in the same shade but color none the less.
She likes to display her color for all to see.  Arr!

Hope you find some color in your day!
(Even if it is all over the floor.)


1 comment:

Becky Penner said...

Ha! My 5 yo Mia is sitting by me and just said "Oh my goodness, that little girls room is so cute! I wish I could be her friend." I guess 5 yo girls all love explosions of pink!

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