Monday, March 14, 2011


I seriously want Spring to come and stay!
I will be folding laundry tonight.
Right now I'm debating on pouring me a Dr. Pepper.
Weekend Fun. . . 
Road tracks - Bat man - TRex and a Princess Mask
Coolest face painting ever.

This week is ASK ME week. 
I'll answer ?'s throughout the week.
Click on over here and leave a question.

Here's a question for you?
Do you do anything fun for St. Patrick's Day?



Cindy Bartel said...

Green Eggs and Ham was always a regular for St. Patrick's Day. Read the book and then have green eggs and ham for breakfast. Some people use spinach for the green.....I always just browned some diced ham and then added green food coloring to the eggs before scrambling with the ham.

Nicole Martens said...

OF COURSE I DO...depends on the creativity of the husband of exactly mom always makes me Pistachio cake (sounds gross but it is good and GREEN!!) Miss you guys!

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