Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures and a Giveaway

The last posts have been full of words.
How about some random pictures and a giveaway?!!

Now for the giveaway.
Back in Winter (yes I'm pretending it's over) I won a set of 5 cds of worship music for kids.
It came in the mail and I was skeptical.
We listen to all kinds of music around here but to be honest I figured it would be cheesy music.
I was greatly surprised!
They are GREAT cds.
Each song is a verse and so by learning the songs you learn the verses.
You can check out there site here.
To make it even better they come with a duplicate set for you to give away.
I'd like to share it with one of you.
Leave a comment by telling me what style / artist / or kind of music you listen to when you are driving in the car by yourself.
The winner will be chosen by on Thursday.



christine said...

Hey Nic. My favorite album and songs I listen to are worship songs and then I sing them out to Jesus and put the music up loud. Right now it's the women's retreat Cd my brother made for me to learn the songs (Mostly Your Love Never Fails and You Won't Relent), and then the Passion CD that has Forever Reign on it. Awesome songs to worship to! Love, Christine

Kimberlee said...

Robbie Seay I wish I could see them in concert!

Jaime said...

Any rock from the 80s! If they had the big hair I listen!:) Worship music too of course

Lisa said...

Classic rock! Actually, I listen to about everything, as long as it's not rap! And sometimes, the best "music" when I'm in the car by myself is silence! Hope you had a good trip.

Megan H. said...

I love all kinds of music! Except elevator music...I just can't handle that. Fun giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I listen to a very wide variety of music...from praise music, classical, oldies, easy rock, country...depends on my mood.
Mrs. B.

Amanda Bartel said...

I don't think I am in the car by myself very often... :-) but lately I love listening to Derek Webb and Andrew Peterson. I love the stories they tell with their music!

Sweet Pea said...

Most of the time I'm listening to "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round" or "Deep & WIde" but if I'm lucky I get to listen to The House, Christian Radio. Every now and then when I'm by myself I turn that dial up and listen to some country or soft rock.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Yeah I'm so glad you liked them! I listen to a wide variety of music, but most always Christian/Worship. Favorite artist right now is JJ Heller, but I'm listening to Bob Marley..random I know! :)

marisaib said...

In the car by myself....when does that ever happen? :) Pretty much I'll listen to anything, but if I'm wanting to sing along, then the Christian station, classic rock, or oldies. (But then again, most of those I listen to with kids in the car too.) My kids love "rocking out" so I don't alway have to listen to "kid music," but I love having some available, and would LOVE to have a set that are memory verses! Great giveaway!

Dana said...

Well, it used to be a mix of country and Klove, but now I'm afraid I spend most of my time in the car talking on the phone or listening to talk radio (just to get some "adult interaction" in!) haha, but around the house I listen to more music and my current faves are Meredith Andrews and Tenth Avenue North. :) Love ya!!

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