Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monumental Moment

Last week something monumental happened in our family.
We were even all together when it happened.
It was a special moment.
Our van hit this . . .

I know; it's amazing we were all together for this occasion.
Jason and I looked deeply into each others eyes during this moment and let the memories of this van flood our minds.
Oh the memories this van has given us!
It's climbed mountains (literally).
It's driven through pastures (literally).
It's been our dining room table (literally).
A changing room.
A movie theatre.
A place for serious jam sessions.
It's taken us from one home to the next.
I cried when we bought it and I'll probably cry when it's gone.
Different tears but tears none the less.
I never wanted a van but this van has been serving a great purpose since day one.
What a luxury to be able to click a button and have doors open for me while I stood with a car carrier in each arm and a toddler holding on to my finger.
The long road trips filled with glow in the dark light sticks, loving and fighting with one another are to many to even count.
I know you are all wanting to comment and ask if it's for sale.
Sorry to burst your dreams of being the owner of the beauty that has been totaled out to hail and would come with your very own package of fries and maybe a nugget or two as a bonus but this home on wheels isn't for sale.
Hopefully we can proudly drive it around for all to hear us coming for another year. (For Real)
It's good to have a few things in life that keep you humble.
I like it when people say, "What's that sound?" and I get to respond nonchalantly, "Oh that's my van!"
We love our van.
Thank you for letting us share that family moment together Doge Minivan!

(You are seeing my sarcastic side to a max on this post.)

If you haven't seen any of the Swagger Wagon You Tube videos go now and type in Swagger Wagon.
Enjoy the laugh.


1 comment:

Jaime said...

Nic you totally forgot about the rotten mozzarella balls exploding in your car making it smell like something died thanks so brainiac me! :)

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