Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day!!

Happy LOVE Day!!

I'm getting to, once again, put into practice my last post.
Still sick kids which has meant Dr. visits today; no Jazzercise (AGAIN!) for me; and to make it even more fun . . . we get to shower one of our vehicles with some love today by placing all new tires on it.
Isn't that fun?

Here's some things I AM LOVING today.

I'm loving the forecast for the week.
I'm loving the sunshine right now!!
Just might open a window or two today.
I'm loving that my guy and I got away yesterday for some time alone.
I love time alone with him.

In another post I'll have to show you what came in the mail for me from him.
I LOVE it.
I'm loving that my sick boy is sleeping . . . poor thing - he's missing his V-Day school party.
He's asked 10 times today when his brother will get home?
I think he's just waiting for the goodies he hopes he'll be bringing home for him.

I always love a giveaway- if you do too then head on over to my friend Kimberlee's blog for a fun giveaway.

Have a great LOVE day . . . find some LOVEly in your day!

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