Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give Me Jesus - Fernando Ortega Ruth Graham Tribute

My posts lately have been heavy on the words/thoughts and music and low on the pics.
Haven't had my camera in my hand much since Christmas.
That will be a goal in Feb.
But for now one more song post.

I am off today to prepare for the Women's Retreat I've been talking about.
Off to some time with G I R L S.
Off to some time with J E S U S.
Oh how excited I am.
All will be well here at our house - always is when I'm gone.
I have a rock star husband!

This is the first song on my playlist right now.
Our pastor showed this last week at church.
It's moving.
Moves me to want more of Jesus.
Moves me to want to be that couple that is married for 60+ years and still in love.
Moves me to want to live so my kids will say this of me someday.
Give Me Jesus.
Hope it encourages and moves you too.


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