Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This time of year I miss Utah.
It's partially the weather, it's partially the nostalgic memories of all the hiking and outdoor time we spent as a family, it's partially the purpose we felt we had there, it's partially the connectedness we had with our friends, and it's partially the unplanned hanging out with neighbors in the evening - I miss all of it.

It's crazy - we've been here a little over a year.
We've already created some memories here that we will miss one day too.
But this weekend I set out to fill that place in my heart that really wanted to get in my car and drive west.

The kids and I headed to a park on Saturday and just played.  
The weather, the little paths we found, the day reminded me of times in Utah.
Then Sunday we had a great day as a family at a pumpkin patch.
We were two minutes from an amazing patch in Utah and so again nostalgic thoughts were in our head.
The twins were in their "twin element" - just meaning they were more of a unit - very sweet to watch.

The views around us were beautiful.

We spent the day as a family - just taking one another in.
This time in our life is so busy . . . harvest . . . seminary . . . life.
We have to fight (not against each other but FOR one another) to make sure we all have what we need in the mist of busyness.
I don't care where you live or what your occupation is and how demanding it is only you can fight for the time your family needs to stay whole.

We took the scenic route home from the patch and it was beautiful. 
We were hungry and decided to venture out. 
We saw a roadside burger joint.

We asked a family outside a few blocks over if the place was any good.
The man patted his big belly and said yes!
We took his word for it . . . seriously though would he have told us if it was gross?
It was just us in this place and we ate GOOD!
We could see those burgers cookin.
Couldn't have asked for a better way to end the day.
Kids even said it was better than McDonald's.  
Now you know it's good!

Sometimes I wonder if the kids can read the thoughts in our head too.
While eating Carter said, "I feel like I'm in Utah."
Weird - he must have connected the day to good memories there too.

It's Tuesday and I could already use another day like Sunday but I'm thankful it was a refreshing day.
May your day be refreshed today with memories of a good day, dreams of a another good day coming soon and the energy to make today a good day.

--- If you haven't read my last post with a little Walmart update please do.  I don't want to start any rumors about myself here.  :))

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