Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
Five Pics of the Harvest Action
1. Corn Going Down

2.  Transferring Corn to Grain carts and Trucks 

3.  Shredding up the field after it's been harvested. (or maybe this is Discing)

4. Harvesting Beans on the field right by our house. - It's mostly corn around here but some beans.

5.  Pre Harvest Picture - That combine is HUGE.

For you non-farmers that wonder what the heck corn harvest means; here's the process as understood and described by a non-farmer herself.
You farmers can just skip this next part because I know you'll laugh at me.

Cut down (harvest) corn with a combine.
Corn goes from inside the combine to a grain cart that drives along side the combine. 
Grain cart fills up.
Takes the corn to a semi.
Another grain cart comes up along side the combine and the combine starts unloading into that grain cart.
The combine never stops.
At least that's the goal.
It can go for a little bit before it needs to have a grain cart by it.
Corn goes from grain carts into semi trucks.
Trucks take the corn to either grain elevators or to grain bins on the different yards.
Corn dries and does stuff in those bins and they eventually take it all to a grain elevator to sell it.
I think the beans go the same way with just a different head on the combine 
to cut down the beans.
Then someone goes over the field that was harvested with a different tractor and 
shreds up or discs the dirt. 

They do all this and then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat for 6-8 weeks.

I'm only out there for the purpose of taking pictures, letting my kids get "rides" or hang out with Daddy, or dropping off some grub. 


Lynette said...

I am so jealous and homesick!!!! I'd love to share in the process and by the way... you nailed the process my "non-farmer" sister! Jim's got the elevator part down pat:) Love you all! Lynette

Lisa said...

I was totally laughing when you wrote, "the corn dries and does stuff." I'm not a farm girl either, so this is exactly how I would describe it! Hope you're surviving harvest...thinking of you!

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