Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've never seen anything like it.
Friday we couldn't even sit outside without having tons of lady bugs landing on us non-stop.
It was annoying.
Then on Saturday they were no longer in the air.
We found them on the trees and in the plants.
They were behind every crack in the bark and it went all the way up the tree.
THOUSANDS I tell you!


Hayley said...

Oh my, I'm totally freaking out right now - you just had your very own LADYBUG WALTZ!!! of my most favorite books is When Zachary Beaver Came To Town by Kimberly Willis Holt. I used it for 7 years teaching my 8th graders. I love it on so very many levels, and they have the Ladybug Waltz. I don't know if it really works or not, but your hubby and his family just had a free waltz! Celebrate!

Hayley said...

You need to read the book...seriously, but I will tell you that they let thousands of ladybugs loose on their crops, and they turn it into a celebration - a lovely, beautiful celebration of life, friendships, breaking down barriers and judgements, the beauty of the differences in people, farming, and healing hurts and sadness. I LOVE the book! Go check it out at the library or buy it to own forever. They talk about the waltz all the way through the book, but it doesn't actually happen until the end, so don't read ahead. Okay, I'll stop going on and on.

Sweet Pea said...

That's wild! I've never seen anything like that either! Neat photos!

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