Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
(on Saturday Night)

Words . . . Here are five groups of words I see at my house every day!
There are more but I picked just 5.
What are you looking at around your house?

Bought this awhile back for a birthday gift and as you can see it never found it's way to the receiver. 
I liked the reminder of living in the moment - the moment of this season. It sits above my kitchen sink.

I know this piece is sort of a "trend" right now but I absolutely love it. 
The history of the saying is pretty amazing too - my "keep calm" is nothing compared to the history. 
It hangs in the place where I get all my kids out the door and where we come in usually with arms full. It's a great reminder for me in the mist of all that chaos.


Simple verse but
packed full of so much truth and power.

Isn't this saying just beautiful? 
I'm currently working on printing some 12x12 pics of moments in our life that have taken our breath away. We have had so many of those moments in life and I'm so thankful.

This picture could have a post all to itself.
Maybe some day I'll tell you the story.
I've looked at this for 3.5 years now.

What are you looking at around your house? 

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