Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do you REALLY know what is happening in your house when you take a shower??

Today just as I was stepping out of the shower I heard Ian said, "Mommy we need your help. Tatum is stuck."
If it would have been any one else I would have said hold on but he's the oldest, if he could have taken care of it himself he would have.
So I grabbed my towel and headed down the hallway asking, "Where is she stuck?"
As I walked into the living room he answered, "Her foot is stuck in the cereal container."
I pour our cereal into big Tupperware containers with openings to pour out your cereal.
Apparently she stuck her foot in it, and yes it was really stuck in there.
We worked and worked and got it out all with me in my towel.
Once it was out Ian said, "Remind me NOT to eat this cereal."
I know you are all wondering if we put it back on the shelf.
I know I just went down on your list of super moms with that answer.
Think about it.
One: It was LUCKY CHARMS. That's already filled with unhealthy crap.
Two:  I JUST bought the cereal last night.
Three: Do you have any idea how many boxes of cereal we go through in a month?
Four:  Ian and I won't be eating it and Carter and Coleson were clueless to the event.
Five:  If I gave you the long list of things Carter and Coleson licked during the ages of 1.5-3 yrs you would be SHOCKED and would probably bump me off your "good mom" list all together. 
Six: Tatum had not been outside yet today.
Seven:  The trash is already overflowing so it would have made a bigger mess to dump it all out.
Eight:  I just wanted to put some underwear on.


Anonymous said...

I am choking right now with laughter. This is 100% AWESOME.
Amy G.

Jodi said...

Seriously funny!! Great post.

Lisa said...

I love it! Thanks for the laugh!

Kimberlee J. said...

Right on, girl.Cereal is expensive stuff. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me smile! This is no exception!!! Cindy

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