Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beachin It - Part One

When life gives you lemons.
(Or the Coast gives you a Tropical Storm)
Make Lemonade.
(Or play in the ocean anyways.)

That's just what we did.

If you don't like looking at someones long drawn out slide show of a vacation that you didn't go on then I would just skip today's post.
It's FULL of pictures.
To hard to eliminate and believe me I did eliminate.
I want them all in my blog book at the end of the year so either endure the pain of looking or just come back tomorrow!!!
You've been warned!

When we got to the beach house it was overcast and rainy.
We walked just minutes to the beach anyways - just to look.
Waves were awesome and within minutes Coleson was facedown and SHOCKED.
We weren't planning to get in.
It didn't take long and the boys were all in.
They could have cared less that it wasn't a sunny beach moment.
Tropical Storms don't mean lightening and stuff so it wasn't a safety issue as long as you stayed in close because of the undercurrent with the waves.

Day two was a full on storm so we went inside to NASA - where they were having a Star Wars Exhibit - SCORE on that one!!

The rain came and went for the next couple days. We had some great full mornings of sun and we were on that beach as early as 9:00 some mornings.  
Some days after the rain we got another few great hours of sun on the beach again.

We had a few walks in the rain and a few fast pack ups on the beach.
The rain comes in so quick.
The house had great coverage to still be outside while it was raining.
We all seemed to find something to do to while waiting for the rain to pass.

We had one full day of sun without a single drop or cloud. 
That was nice.

The boys were in heaven in the waves. 
The storm actually made the waves ten times better than what they would have been.
They would body surf for HOURS.


Tatum enjoyed the water too but learned quick to keep her mouth closed.

Tatum and Miss Avery (my sweet niece) did a lot of "cooking on the beach".
Everyone had fun with the sand.
The creativity with the sand was so much fun.

This is where 4th children take naps on vacation. HA!

We had two new members to introduce to the sand and surf.
They weren't so sure of it.
They seemed to still be more of a "pool baby" instead of a "beach baby"!

(Pic taken by Aunt Chrissy)

We spent one afternoon at the Country Club Pool.
They had some kid activities - hoola hoop contest, tug a war etc.
It was hilarious because the boys were all pumped to do them even though they can't hoola hoop AT ALL. They just joined in.

These were my favorite beach quotes. . . 

Carter:  "The COOLEST thing about the beach is you can pee in it."
"But the bad thing is later the water gets in you mouth."
What goes around comes around I guess.


Avery (my 2 1/2 yr old niece) :  "I don't want to get my dress (swimsuit) all soapy."
To her the waves looked like soap. So funny.


Coleson:  "What is IN that water?"
Me:  "Salt."
Coleson:  "How did it get in there?"
Me:  "Maybe when God made the ocean he used a huge salt shaker and sprinkled it in?"
Coleson:  "Really?"
Me: "Not really."
Coleson:  "How do we get it out of our mouths?" 


As we were pulling into view of the ocean and the excitement after a 14 hr road trip was rising Coleson said, "Mommy did you bring our swimsuits?"
Me:  "Oh no, I forgot to pack them."
Carter and Coleson:  "You did?"
Jason:  "It's ok, it's a nude beach."
Carter and Coleson's faces lit up!
Coleson:  "Cool."
Ian:  "Is there really such a thing as a nude beach?"


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Randy Wertenberger said...

I loved looking at all your pictures! Your family one at the end is GREAT!! ~Amy

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