Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beachin' It - part 3 - final part

This is the last post on our Vacation Fun!
One afternoon we went to the CANDY STORE.

I went there a hundred times as a little girl.
It's an old fashioned candy and ice cream shop.
We always made a stop there after the beach to get rock candy!!

Gramps let all the kids pick one thing of candy and then we all got ice cream!!
Soooooo many choices!!!!!
I'm sure it seemed like forever to everyone else, but I was amazed each kid made a choice under an hour.



After the candy choice we got to do it again with the ice cream.

The candy they all picked carried on into the next day!!
That was even with me sneaking bites here and there.

We hung out on The Strand after filling up on candy and ice cream. 
Amazing how quickly the city cleaned up after Hurricane Ike two years ago.

This trip was so good.
It was a typical family trip - you don't get to escape the occasional melt downs from tired children - but it was GOOD and NEEDED for our family.
Since it was in a place that I grew up going to and since our extended family had vacationed there before, it brought back so many memories.
Memories from childhood, high school memories, dates with Jason when he'd come visit, family trips when we were just a family of three, and memories of a trip we took when I was VERY prego with the twins.
All good memories!
Except that one birthday party my friend and I had at the beach and only like 2 people came out of the millions we invited. Were we that big of losers Jenny??
And that time when I was pregnant with the twins and tried to stand up after sitting in the water and I FELL flat out  with an entire beach of people watching me.  A nice man had to give this rather large pregnant woman a ride in his golf cart because I couldn't walk on my ankle. All I was doing was STANDING up!!
Ok - most were good memories.
Going back to our beach song   . .

"Beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand.
Give me something to remember."

We have many new things to remember now.
Thanks for the memories Mom and Dad.
Thanks for all the fun Glanzer family.
Already anticipating the next Glanzer adventure.

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