Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here's some little unimportant information about me . . .
I'm not much of a dessert/sweet girl.
Chocolate never has been my downfall (except for one or two days out of the month).
Passing on dessert usually isn't that difficult.
As a kid my choice of birthday cake was a plain angel food cake with frozen strawberries.
The poor kids I invited to my parties sure must have been disappointed!
I cave and go crazy over things like chips and salsa or cheese and crackers.
With each pregnancy I noticed a stronger desire for sweets.
I was shocked after the twins were born and people would bring us meals (we got meals for MONTHS, it was AWESOME!! Many of you reading this probably brought us a meal . . .thank you thank you thank you) and I would find myself digging into the desert and being so excited each night to have another delicious dessert to snack on.
It just wasn't me.
I had never cared about the desert before.
Crazy I know but it's true.
Things that used to be easy to stare in the face and without hesitation say no to now catch my eye.
I guess you could say each one of my darlings made me a little bit sweeter!

Today on two blogs I follow regularly they both posted recipes that sound AMAZING.
Both super sweet recipes; I found my mouth watering as I read through them.
I thought I'd share some of that mouth watering goodness with you.
Check these recipes out.
Make one of them.
If you live nearby bring me a bite.
One is a cheesecake (click here) and one involves caramel (click here) . . . those are both things that, even before kids, made my mouth water.

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marisaib said...

Growing up (and still) "Naked" angel food cake with berries and whipped cream was my favorite Birthday Cake! I absolutely love it! :)

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