Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do you need something to think about?
Here's some questions I've asked myself this week . . . 

How many tooth brushes does a child need? 


What does it say about my children that we have to have a rule that says, "NO toilet water can be used in your experiments."

It says they are BOYS, that's what is says.

How much would you pay to get rid of inside spiders?

We'll get that answer tomorrow, the bug guy is coming to give us a quote.
I'm good with a spider here or there, no matter where you live they do come in sometimes BUT in the last two weeks we've killed half a dozen or more everyday! AHHHH!!  SHHH, we aren't announcing that to everyone in our house.

Did I REALLY think my white hand towel was going to stay white in a bathroom we ALL share?

I must have been dreaming the day I purchased that towel.


Why does it take so much longer for legs to tan?


Will Ian really have the will power to save up for a Nintendo DS?

The kid is half way there - problem is birthday season is over - now the hard work will start.  
This is the envelope he has made to save his money in.
He asked if he saved up for the DS if I'd buy him a game.
I said I thought that would be a good deal but I'd ask daddy what he thought.
Before I had remembered to ask Jason Ian asked me again. 
I told him I still hadn't asked daddy but I was pretty sure that it would work. 
He said, "Well, let's just make it a deal then."
We just bought the boys a wii for xmas so at first when he told me he wanted a DS I thought it was sort of ungrateful.
We talked about it and now I can say I see his point.
The twins have leapsters and play them all the time when we travel.
It would be his "older kid" type of leapster.
We do spend a lot of time in the van - he's got a good point.
So I told him if he wanted one he'd have to save for it, never thinking he would.
Last night he told me as he went to bed he was going to dream about getting his DS.

Could the twins actually be learning to sleep in a little??

Today they were NOT the first ones up!!

Can a family of all girls get any cuter??

My sweet friend from Utah just had her fourth girl and I want to hold her!!!
Our boys (and Tots) LOVED playing with these girls.

What questions are you thinking of today?

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

Do I have to wait until tomorrow to eat Pam's cheesecake that I made from Megan's blog?

Has anyone noticed that I haven't done my hair today but have been all over town with it "undone"?

Why does Talia think it's okay to wash her hands in the toilet after she's flushed?

How in the world do I decide what camera to purchase?

And the list could go on and on.

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