Friday, June 18, 2010

Opportunities and God's Artwork

Here's how the scenario went this morning.
I was brushing my teeth getting ready to go to jazzercise.
Tatum was doing her own hair which means she's putting several mismatching clips in her hair in random places.
She finishes and walks out.
I hear her say to Carter, "Do I look good?"  "Do I?" " DO I?"
Carter is ignoring her so I holler from the bathroom, "Carter, Tatum is talking to you, answer her."
Carter answers annoyed, "YES! Even if I don't say it YOU DO."
It's quiet for a few minutes and then I hear Tatum saying as she walks down the hall, "Ian? Ian? (she finds him) How do I look?"
Ian says, "Pretty!"
This ladies is why I prayed we'd have one girl after having three boys - so that they'd have daily opportunities to learn how girls work and how to interact with them!
I think they are getting plenty of opportunities with just ONE sister.

I'll leave you with two gorgeous pictures that Jason took on his cell phone while working out in the field last night.
Isn't God's art work beautiful??

When these clouds were rolling in I looked out the window and the field across from us was literally glowing with lightening bugs - not hundreds but thousands of them.
For a minute - ok for 5 seconds - I considered waking the kids up.
The 5 seconds passed and everyone kept sleeping but it was so cool to see.
Just another glimpse of the amazing Creator.

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