Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I'm so in love with the Father of my children!!
He's the best.
He works late into the night (more like very early into the morning) on his seminary work so he doesn't miss out on time with the kids and I.
He wants individual time and individual relationships with each of his kids. 
He makes time for those things to happen.
He makes us all laugh.
He gives our kids a great model to follow.
He shows us all how to love people - ALL people.
When I ask him if he wants a new swimsuit for summer he replies with things like, "Nah, I don't need one. I'll wear the one I have so you guys can all get new ones."
He works hard and provides for us.
He shows us how to stop and see God in action all around us.
He prays for them, with them, and over them.
He says things to their mother like, "I saw you walking around Walmart and you looked good!"

We all love you Jason!
You're the best!
Happy Father's Day!!!

The other man in my life is this guy . . . 

One of the best gifts my dad has given me in life is the model and example of what kind of guy I wanted to marry someday.
It's because of my dad that I looked for a guy like my man!!
Thank you Dad!!
I love you!
You are the best Dad, Father -In- Law, and Gramps!
Happy Father's Day!!

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