Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Little over a week into summer break.
I think my pep talk awhile back helped.
I can actually say it's gone VERY GOOD.
I was preparing for the worst and that made it all look very good.
We've done a few organized fun things.
We've been bums some mornings.
We've played at the pool.
We've accomplished some tasks.
Yes we've fought and whined some too but nothing like I was anticipating.

Though it's all been good there has been ONE problem.
Keep wondering when I'm just going to fall over or hit my breaking point.
I thought it was going to be yesterday morning but I pushed through.
It was Ian's birthday so I had motivation not to let myself fall.
I'm all about making that day special, even if it's in simple ways.
Kids are up later cutting my "unwind time" down to a minimum.
Not everyone understands sleeping in.
There is always noise and always someone needing me.
Bath time just can't be skipped anymore.
If we could end each day at 4:30 I would be one HAPPY MOMMA!!

My goal for this week has been GO TO BED and EXERCISE DAILY.
It's Wed. so far I have a D- on going to bed and an A for exercising.
I guess that averages out to a B- or C+.
Weeks not over yet!!

I hope the good days continue into the summer and that I get a nap!

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