Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 Years Ago

8 years ago TODAY I fell in love . . . . with THIS BOY!!

My heart is still so crazy about him.
How is it possible that he is 8??

It seems like yesterday I was laying him in his big crib for the first time scared to death and now this week he's jumping off of high dives for the first time and again I was scared to death.
With your first born, every first for them is a first for mom too.
I walk around looking normal while these "firsts" are happening but on the inside I am 
BURSTING with thoughts and emotions.

You are a special kid Ian. 
You are so intelligent; you pay attention to detail; you figure out how things work; you look at what is behind the scenes to making something work; you are a problem solver.
Even more amazing, you know how people work too; how they think and how they feel; you care about how they feel, you are interested in really knowing them.

Just this week after I did my massive grocery shopping you were looking in the pantry and said, "Thanks for buying all this stuff for us mommy. I can tell you have been working really hard to get things done."

I know Daddy told you all that this week but I ditto it!! 

We love you Ian!! 
Happy 8th Birthday!

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