Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My Mother's Day was full of all the things I enjoy.
(Warning: This post has LOTS of pictures.)

Time with my favorite people!!

Being showered with love from little hearts and little faces!
(We ate yummy food - Mexican - one of my favorites - and I think we only had one spill -- could that be right Jason??)

Enjoying an experience or activity together and creating a memory.
(We went to Paint Yourself Silly and painted pottery together. Fun Fun Fun! Something I've always wanted to do. I just may have to return individually with each kid. It's very relaxing.  They keep your art work for a week to "fire" it. Can't wait to get mine back! I had hoped to paint a pitcher for lemonade but they were out of pitchers so I did a platter.  I'm not an artist, which will show in my project, but it was made with love for sure! )

(This is a phrase I've said to all of my kids since the day they were born and I'm still saying it!)

Getting to enjoy a hobby (photography).
(We found a cool ally to run around in. While they play I snap.)

Just walking down a street can be fun with this crew! 

Knowing that my man has orchestrated it all makes me love him all the more!!


Jamie Meacham said...

I am impressed by your photography. You do a really good job capturing the real personality of people in your photos. You should think about doing it more for people. You are very talented in so many ways Nicole, I am always amazed by you.

I miss you. Just wanted you to know that. Though it was only a short time we knew each other, I really do appreciate you and your great example to me.

Glad you had a great day, you deserve it!

meg duerksen said...

you look great!
this looked like a fun day. :)
can't wait to see you next weekend!

domesticjoys said...

What a fun Mother's Day! Go Jason for planning it. You look amazing Nicole! I am goin' have to get into some jazzersize once I have this baby! Love your new music too: ) your blog is too much fun!


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