Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm tired.
I've gone to bed early every day this week but I'm tired.
As beautiful as yesterday was today was ugly.
The wind was so strong it literally blew Tatum and I AND our cart across the Walmart parking lot.
I'm not talking a few side steps.
I'm talking DRAGGING us across the lot when we needed to go forward.
I had to get my body on the opposite side of the cart from her to stop us from being knocked over.
Thankfully a nice man saved us and delivered us to our van.
I was so mad at the wind I bought and drank my first Dr. Pepper of the month today!
Isn't that crazy?
I lasted this long - felt good!
I really showed the wind didn't I? HA!
I'm down on my mothering too.
Ever do that?
You think about how you are mothering and then you get down because it isn't what you want it to be?
I go back to the first line - I'm tired.
When I'm tired I seem to over explain, over nag, over warn - I do all those things instead of just say it and then let the consequences speak for themselves.
That's really when consequences are affective anyways.
Instead of continuing to tell you how tired I am I think I'll turn on some American Idol, shut my brain off, drink a cup of tea, pray the wind goes away and then go to bed!

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