Thursday, April 29, 2010


AHHH! Quiet!
45 minutes of quiet!
All three younger ones are resting/napping/having quiet time.
They NEEDED it.
I've done more already today than I do in most days.
I'd start listing off the tasks for you but some of you would think I'm superwoman and I'm NOT and others of you would think I'm lame for not accomplishing more.
I'll just let you wonder.
Either way there are still a few major tasks to accomplish today like LOADS of laundry looking at me ready to be folded.
I'm just using this first five minutes of quiet as therapy with you.
The twins have their first t-ball game tonight.
They are pumped.
It's a later game so we'll see how that goes.
It starts the same time I'm starting to get them ready for bed.
I told them if one of them actually fell asleep during quiet time that they'd be able to run much faster tonight.
They thought that sounded great but no takers!!
I'm stalling - I've had my five minutes - now it's time to keep going down my list.

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