Friday, April 23, 2010

3 Girl Things

This post is full of girl stuff so for my dozen guy readers . . . . . sorry this post just might bore you or make you really glad you are a guy.

First girl thing . . . .. remember my purchase for this?
I told you I'd give you my feedback after using it. On a scale one to ten, I give it an 8.  I'm not giving it any higher because I know for more $$ you can get better ones at department store counters but for the price I was VERY pleased. You just have to be careful to barely rub over the knees and ankles.  Do your whole foot so you don't see the line.  I don't use it as often as you can - just enough to take the blinding white off of my legs. It won't be long and we won't be needing any of it -- SUMMER IS ON IT'S WAY!!!

Next girl thing.
I got my massage this week.
AWESOME, as all massages are!

Girl thing number 3.  I may be the only one with this issue but I'm guessing at least one of you will relate.  I have been so tired of working out and having the underwear issue. You know the issue,  within the first 10 minutes your underwear is out of place and is riding on up.  What the heck do you do? Dig for it or work out with total discomfort? I've done both.  I've always wondered if anyone else in the room has that issue. Either they do and they just leave it, or they aren't wearing any underwear, or they are wearing thongs, or they aren't working out hard enough or maybe they've discovered a great pair of underwear that I haven't.  I thought about just throwing the question out there one day, "Hey ladies I'd like to know what kind of panties you all are wearing?"   I'll save you all from the embarrassment (and the digging) I have FOUND the answer.  Try these underwear!!!!  I'm telling you they DON'T slide.  They are called vanishing edge microfiber.  Maybe you are a frequent shopper at Victoria's . . . . those are my favorite too but good old Vicky hasn't solved my problem in this area.  These have!!!  I think they still have the sale buy three get two free!! Problem solved!

Have a good Friday!

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Lisa said...

I totally relate!! This was a big problem in high school and college playing sports. I finally found Jockey underwear (bikini style)and they never ride on me. I love them! That's about all I buy and I'm willing to pay a little more for them so that I can avoid the "digging!" I've found them the cheapest at Kohl's. I may have to try these out now too.

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