Friday, March 5, 2010

It WAS a good night!

It WAS a GOOD GOOD night!
It was me, my man, and some ridiculously great music!
We spent the evening at a John Mayer concert.
That guy is TALENTED!

We started out in our HIGH seats.
Still would have been great but high.
But THEN . . . .
we noticed a ticket man (i don't know what they are called) talking to several people near us and  exchanging tickets. 
Jason went to see what the guy was doing AND
he came back with different tickets.

ROW 16 Side Stage!

It was awesome! 
It was such a great view of the drummer and other band members. 
You could even see the rack of all the guitars. 
I think he used a different guitar for every song. 
AND the people watching was GREAT too!
It's so fun to watch front row people!

I'm pretty sure during this song the girl right in front of us REALLY believed he was
singing right to her.

The opening group was a GREAT surprise too.
I didn't know who they were but I said to Jason, "I like them, they sound like that other song I like."
I'm TERRIBLE with song names and group names. 
I'm the girl that my brothers used to tease for buying a cd for 1 song.
This group was VERY entertaining and really worked the crowd.
They sang like 6 or more songs and then he sang his last song.
As soon as it started I KNEW it!!
It's one I've been dancing to in the kitchen for months!
I even posted about the song here.
The place went crazy.
The band was Micheal Franti and Spearhead.
Great, fun, music!
Another great bonus to the night.

This is the face I LOVE!
Thanks for a great night babe!

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Monica said...

That looked like an awesome date night!! You are looking GREAT Nic!!! You 2 have always been an amazing DUO!! Love ya and miss ya!!

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