Sunday, January 10, 2010


Several blogs I follow were doing these lists back in Fall.  "35 Things to Do Before 35" (or whatever your upcoming big b-day is) I've had things mulling around in my head for awhile. I decided this would be my version of a New Year's Resolution.  I must say at first it was difficult for me to come up with 35 things.  I didn't think it would be hard AT ALL because I love making lists and I always have things I want to do. My problem was I don't know physically where we'll be in these next 2 1/2 years.  If we move to a new house or new state  my list could explode with things to do/go/explore/try!!  Some of my items could be affected by location or $.  I finally got over the fact that I don't know the future and the list can change. It's just a list for goodness sakes and I'm in charge of the list so I can alter it whenever! By the time I got to the end I didn't want to stop at 35!! Here it is! 

35 Things to do Before I turn 35
(I have 2 1/2 years . . . Aug. 2012 !!)
1 Read through the entire bible
       2 Have a blog face lift (new name, new look) by someone that knows what they are doing
     3  Complete Tatum's baby book
     4  Get the kids albums up to date
    5   Go to a musical/play with Jason
       6  Take a long, hot, bubble bath. (NOT happening in THIS house)
      7 Create a desk space for me other than the kitchen counter.
8      Go to a paint your own pottery place with the kids.
9      Turn my blog into books
     10 Go to Disney World/Disney Land/Lego Land/Sea World or some other crazy kid place with my kiddos and man. ( all depends on the mullah )
11 Memorize scripture (at least a dozen verses)
       12  Have individual dates/adventures with each of my kids
     13   Put my thoughts for a children's book on paper even if no one but my kids and man read it (I've had one in mind for 3 years now)
 14  Hike
15  Get away on any sort of trip with Jason (big or small)
16      Make strawberry jelly - mom's recipe
   17   Renew my teaching license before it expires
18     Camp again with the family
 19   Go to the Omaha Zoo
20   Take Tatum to a Tea House
21   Make this a true statement . . . "I am usually in bed before 11:00pm."
22    Go back to Utah (visit, move, whatever)
23   Paint the outside of the house we are living in
24   Plant bushes/flowers this Spring
25   Run in a Race for the Cure (think it's like 3 miles)
26   Get a new camera with lenses and take a photography class (this is one of the highly unlikely things for the upcoming 2 yrs but I'm still putting it on here)
27   Have a retreat for ME and a good friend (this one is in the planning NOW)
28   Lose 15 pounds
29   Sit on a beach
30   Be in church ministry with Jason again (all in God's timing! Oh I can't wait to see what this looks like this next time around!)
31  Make a recipe book with all my faves so I can stop searching each time I want the exact recipe. 
32  Get Tatum out of pull ups during the night.
33 Finish filling our jar with the kids to purchase chicks, a duck, a cow and goat for a third world country. (World Vision Ministry)
34 Spend the day at a spa (with a girlfriend) getting a pedicure/massage/ and facial - all in the same day!
35  Beat the Super Mario Brothers Wii Game (before Ian)

Happy 2010!


MKTaylor said...

Come and visit us in Cali... Free place to stay for your family of 6! We live 10 minutes from the beach and have lots of amusement parks within 1 hour. That would help cross a few off of the list : ) Oh, and we have 2 great tubs. Ha ha wouldn't that be relaxing. J and your 4 kiddos, Matt and I with our kiddos all hanging out downstairs so Nic can have a bubble bath. Okay, we will leave that one for another place and time.

Invitation stands, if for any reason you can come out to Cali we would love to host you guys!

Nic said...

kelly - I'm hopping on the next flight to Cali!! HA!! Thanks for the invite, we'll keep it in mind!

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