Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tree Farm!

We sold our fake tree in Utah - one less box to move.
So we googled and found a great tree farm 2 HOURS away but worth it!
Had a great day.
SUNNY weather, like a December day in Houston! (Ah, childhood memories.)
We had a horse drawn wagon ride out to the trees.
Carter and Coleson got to sit up front.
They got a kick out of the driver, he was funny, called the boys Mike and Mark.

Ran through the trees.

Picked one tree.
Changed our mind.
Picked another tree.
Changed our mind.
You get the point.

It was harder than Jason and I thought.
But so much fun!
We had one kid give up for awhile. 

Then we decided we would not be asking them to cut it down with their chain saw that took 30 seconds.
Nope, we drove 2 hours to do it our self, part of the experience.

The boys all took turns and got it!

Then we watched how they "shake" it to get out loose needles.

Watched it go through a machine to tie it up.

Tied it on our van.
And off we drove looking like the Griswalds.


So fun!


Hayley said...

One of my most wonderful Christmas memories is going with my dad and brother to cut down our Christmas trees every year! We'd go out into the pasture out at the farm to get ours, and I guess it was the mix of the Christmas anticipation, the cool, crisp air, & being out in the middle of nowhere - but I loved it!
I'm sure your kiddos will remember this for a long time!

Nicole said...

We've done that every year here in fun! And it is so hard to find the right tree, partly because when we go back to find a tree that we liked, we can't. :) I really hope we find a tree farm in Texas!!

jasonq said...

What?! You didn't mention the part about after driving the 2 hour trip back home we forgot the tree on top of the van, and we almost took the rack off the top of the van when we (I) drove it into the garage...
I still can't believe we didn't damage the van, house, or even the tree! It sounded horrible. (we must have picked a pretty good tree...)

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