Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

One minute till midnight -- type fast.
I can't let this day go by without sharing what I'm thankful for can I?
I have so much to be thankful for . . . if i'm honest this has been a year where we have an ABUNDANCE to be thankful for yet many days it's easy to see around that list of thankfulness and just see the frustrating things that haven't worked out as planned!!! Back in the spring, months after Jason was laid off Jason and I took a couple hours to sit in a park, on a blanket, just sitting, thinking, praying, reading, not talking (other than to laugh at a few other people in the park) and I decided to journal a list of 100 things I"m thankful for. I just needed to be reminded of how much in my life I had to be thankful for. It was EASY!  It's just been one of those years where I need to refocus on those things OFTEN!! I won't list 100 things for you but here's some things that have come to my mind TODAY!

The health of my kids!!
My own health!!
A husband that adores me and really is my biggest fan!

For God's provision -- he's been very creative in providing for us this year!
Ian - he steals my heart; such a trooper and lover of people. 
Coleson- daily I get snuggle time from this one on the couch, keep snuggling!
Carter - he snuggles too and has a smile that warms my heart
Thankful for the awe of watching the bond of identical twins.
Tatum - there isn't a day she doesn't make my heart skip!
For my MOM!!-our friendship gets deeper and deeper with each year& for her bond with my kids!
That my pies turned out great today!
For my Dad!! -best father in law to Jason, great Gramps, and I know he always knows just what to pray for me
For my family -- thankful they taught me to laugh a lot in life
For ministry friends - people that GET us and what our life has invovled.
For Nebraska sunsets - they calm me, allow me to feel peaceful when it's really LOUD in my world (or house, or head)
For great in laws - all of them!

For being able to deepen relationships with my in laws while in this season of life. 
Utah Mountains - every time I looked at them I was reminded of how POWERFUL God is! I miss them!
For our Utah and Oklahoma ministry experiences -- jason and I are who we are today b/c of so many of those experiences - they have really shaped us!
For my Salvation
For unearned, undeserved love from God!

I asked the kids what they were thankful for and this is what I got.

Ian said, "Family, Friends, and Water" (earilier in the week he had asked me which we needed more water or food?)

Carter said, "dinosaurs, dinosaur bones, and little puppies"

Coleson said, "presents, mommy and daddy, and everything."

Tatum said, "my dance teacher, the whole sky (she stretched her had across the sky while saying this) and Taylor (her cousin).


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