Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Like Triplets

Lately it's feeling like I have triplets instead of twins!
Tatum is catching the twins in height and when Ian's not home those three are like the Three Amigos.
They fight well. Play well. Laugh well. Wrestle well. Tease well. Imagine well. Copy well.
What a trio!
When they are all bouncing off the walls or all throwing a fit that's when I feel like I get a glimpse of triplet life!

Lately I've also been trying to wrap my head around TWIN WORLD.
It really is different.
I'm patienty waiting for 2 books I ordered from Amazon on twins.
I haven't read specific twin book since the boys were 2 or younger.
It's time!
Some things are just different.
Some of you are twins.
Some of you have twins.
I wish we could all sit down at Starbucks and have TWIN conversations!!

While waiting in the van the other day waiting for Jason I pulled out all my wallet pictures of the kids. I showed Carter and Coleson the pictures of them together from birth on up! It made me want to CRY looking at them!! Oh those babies were cute!! I asked them each which one they thought was them. They didn't see each other's answers. EVERY TIME they chose their brother as themself!! EVERY TIME!! Obviously in infant pictures they don't know but it happened in each picture.
All I could figure is their entire life they have been looking in a mirror. They know they look very similar and they see the other one more than they see themselves so those differences they see they must think is them!! Crazy???!!!  Coleson did say to one picture. "They look the same."  Thought that was funny, "they" look the same, as if he isn't in the picture. HA!

Don't you just want to squeeze them!!??

I'm thankful for the experience!

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