Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Minute Halloween Treats

Need a last minute Halloween treat for tonight or tomorrow!!
Make these up for after your trick or treating fun!
SPIDER COOKIES (Came from Family Fun Website)
Ritz Crackers, peanut butter (or cheese whiz), pretzels, chocolate chips (or raisins)
Peanut butter or cheese on both ritz crackers, lay 8 pretzels in the peanut butter, put the other ritz cracker on the top. Chocolate chips or raisin for eyes using peanut butter to stick.

I made these for the twins class on Thursday and they loved them! Fun and simple.

I haven't made this yet, I'm going to make it tomorrow. You should too.
My mom found the recipe in a magazine and told me about it.
Any Cake Mix, Bundt pan, orange frosting, and an ice cream cone
Make the cake as directed in a bundt pan. Be sure to grease and flour your pan.
Turn in upside down and take out of pan.
Stick the ice cream cone upside down in the middle of the cake opening.
Frost it.
Wah - la!  Pumpkin!

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