Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Have you heard of the children's book "Sister for Sale"??
That's sort of how I feel today.

Tatum had a LONG day!
The reoccuring issue was her ballerina leotard!
It came in the mail yesterday and dance class doesn't start till NEXT Monday.

The plan was to not let her see it until that day because we can all guess what would happen once she saw it.
But I opened it and was worried about the length so I needed to try it on her.
I did and let her play in it yesterday for awhile.
I told her after that we had to put it away till Dance Day!
Well, last night she got out of bed 3 times and put it on, she wanted to sleep in it.

Then this morning she was up at 6:30 (NOT her normal wake up time) and came into my room wearing it!
I let her wear it until we got Ian off to school and then the battle began!!
What a battle! It literally has gone on all day off and on. 

The initial battle was the longest and worst.
Everytime she thinks of it she cries all over again!
Seriously I can't take this till next Monday!!
She just doesn't get it, she thinks it's another "dress up" thing.
Why would I keep her from being a beautiful, dancing, graceful ballerina???

She had a few other moments today to keep things exciting.
She tore down part of her stick on mural above her bed.
I think that happened while she was sitting on her bed banned from being a ballerina.
Then while I was watching a "football game" - Ian versus Coleson- in the front yard Tatum found the marker Ian had been using and wrote on the couch, wall, and a toy!! Thankfully the magic sponge got it all off!!
Then, I told you it was a long day, while all four kids were coloring etc. at the table she picked up the scissors and snipped off some more hair. It wasn't much and won't be noticable but it just added to the list!

We are SOOO nearing THREE!!
I don't think I'm ready!!
It's SOO much harder than TWO!!

Obviously I love this girl like crazy and she's not for sale but man has it been a long one with her.
On a good note she took a great nap today!
So did I!!


Sweet Pea said...

Wow...Hunter throwing his tennis shoes in the toilet yesterday is peanuts to what you have going on at your house. You're an amazing mom!!!

Becca said...

Sounds like a rough day! Ethan turns two in February...a month before my due date. I am nervous that the terrible two's will come out at the same time I am caring for a newborn. Eeek!

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