Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Three More Bites

I had biblestudy tonight.
When I listen to a speaker , read something,  or study something that resonates with me thoughts whirl around in my head.
I want to process it all, digest it, apply it!
I want more!
I physically can feel "on edge" from my own thoughts.
Is anyone else this crazy?

I want to share that craziness with you.
I'm going to start randomly posting on the things I'm chewing on, learning, being challenged by, & processing.
It may be once a week, once a month; we'll see!
I'm going to title all these posts . . . .
Just Three More Bites! 
When my kids are done eating their dinner they usually say, "Can I be done mommy?"
And I say, "Just three more bites (or something like that, it is usually the number of their age.).
I want them to get a little more full,
a little more nutition,
I want it to last longer in their bellies.
Well, when I "chew on something" that I'm learning in God's Word
 I want to process it and digest it so that I too can get a little more full spiritually,
 get a little more health in my thinking,
and make that sweet full feeling that scripture offers stay longer.
 These posts won't necessarily be neatly packaged with a bow on it.
I don't want to preach; I'm the daughter of a pastor and I sleep with a pastor so no promises.
I just know I'm on a journey . . . we all are . . . and every journey is more fun with fellow travelers!!


Here's my first bite for you to chew on!
Comes from the Beth Moore video series I'm going through.

We were studying  out of Joshua (in the Old Testament). She (Beth Moore) points out something interesting in two different descriptions of Joshua.
At the very beginning, in Joshua 1:1 it says "Joshua, son of Nun, Moses assistant."
Near the end, in Joshua 24:29 it says "Joshua, son of Nun, servant of the Lord."
He (Joshua) starts out with a title like "assistant" and moves to "servant of the Lord." At the end of my life I pray God will say Nicole, daughter of Jules (that's my dad's cool name), servant of God!
Think of all that must have gone on in Joshua's life to have evolved into that description!

Another bite!

Joshua wasn't always Joshua.
His name was originally Hoshea and Moses changed it to Joshua. (Numbers 13:16)
His original name, Hoshea, meant Salvation/deliverance.
Joshua means Yahweh(God) saves/Yahweh (God)delivers.
Slight difference in words but the MEANING of that difference is huge.
Everytime Joshua heard his new name he was reminded that he isn't the one who saves people or delivers people, GOD SAVES, GOD DELIVERS! 
We can't save anyone, we can't deliver them from their problems.
Are you trying to save someone:? Free them from their issues?
Trying to save yourself? Free yourself from your issues?
So glad God is all about saving and delivering people!

My nephew's name is Joshua. Cool name Josh!
From now on everytime I say it I'm gonna remind myself that it isn't ME it's God who saves and delivers!!

I'm full now, I'm going to bed!

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