Friday, August 28, 2009

Phone Conversation

Hilarious phone call . . .

The insurance company just called saying they had additional questions on my application. She preceded to ask me again for the height and weight of Tatum and Ian. Then she asked a series of questions like these . . .

Did you take these measurements or did a Dr.?
Have they ever had digestion problems due to their height and weight?
Has a Dr. ever recommended you see a specialist for their height or weight?

It was at this point I just laughed out loud and said, "Is there a problem with their height and weight?" She said they were just taller than the chart they used and the were concerned with their height. I then said, "I'm sure you have record of their daddy's height? He's 6'7"."

I answered the rest of her questions and hung up. Jason and I laughed so hard. What the heck?? Yes they are tall but specialist??? Maybe Jason should see a specialist, maybe the specialist can give him tips at where to buy stylish shoes or how to exit an airplane without bumping his head on the tv overhead.

Anyways, I guess my kids are tall - news to me!

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meg duerksen said...

hi nicole. :)
i have always heard from every doctor "your kids are in the 90% for height or weight. and i kind of just thought that was normal after five kids. then i met someone recently that said her kids were in the bottom 20%? i said "OH...i guess i just thought the 90% was normal?! or that everyone was told that since i had heard it for years." but duh i guess i means they are taller than 90% of other kids? right? kind of funny.
glad you are settling in to the new place.
and i love that song.

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