Sunday, July 5, 2009


In route home we made another stop in Nebraska to continue the process of "fixing up the farm house". We showed the kids our new home and yard. They are such kids . . . . excited about it all!! That's good for me to see! They saw a large frog and Carter said, "Oh good we have frogs." It sounded like it was our pet. Jason had worked several days in the house earlier this month but I had yet to share in the work. We had a family picnic on a table cloth in the kitchen and then got to work. Kids watched a movie on the laptop, I started priming, and Jason kept on sanding sheet rock. Then the kids and I rolled up all the nasty old carpet pad and threw it outside. They loved getting all dirty and being apart of the work. Then I shop vacced most of the place and then the kids and I headed to Grandma's for a shower and bedtime. Poor Jason is still working away. When I told them we were going to Grandmas Carter said, "I thought we lived here now." Then I told him we still had to put new carpet in, paint the walls, and go to Utah to get our stuff. His reply was . . . "That's a lot of work!" That's EXACTLY how I feel Carter!!
One step at a time right?
I did have to laugh at myself this evening when I thought of yet another way we'll save some money while living here . . . . if the kids and I would have worked this hard on any project we would have DEFINITELY stopped by a Sonic for a drink to reward ourselves. Instead on our short drive we didn't see a single place for that rewarding drink, we were instead rewarded by beautiful green fields of corn, a gorgeous sky with shades of pink, and the quiet sounds of the country!


Heidi said...

Ha! That's so funny about Sonic!! When we lived in Nebraska, we realized how hard it was not to have all the "luxuries" that we were used to. At least there's a Starbucks nearby!!

We're praying for you guys!

Jamie Meacham said...

OH! I am so sad to hear the news! I know it is best for you guys, but how sad for us left here in Utah. I will miss you guys and hope that your new adventure ahead of you will bring you the joys and excitment that your family needs. love ya

Nicole said...

Nic, I think it is so awesome y'all are moving to a farm!! I'm kind of jealous. What a cool experience!

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