Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time with Ian

Today am - pack - I made huge headways!
Today pm - 4 hours with JUST IAN at a water park
He earned a pass at school for reading 500 minutes in a month. Last summer he went with Jason and this year he said he wanted to go with me since daddy had already gone. You don't have to ask me twice - - time with just ONE kid and one of my favorite places (I've loved water parks since I was a kid!)! I don't have much to do this week so why not go right? HA!
We had a great time! It really is great to hang with just one kid - you don't feel so "mom like". Ian needed some one on one time too. Of all the kids he obviously understands all the changes the most. He's SUPER excited to move and SUPER sad to say goodbyes here. How is a kid supposed to know how to handle such opposite emotions?? I'm an adult and I'm struggling. He's just been very sensitive and easily irritated. Back to our fun day - - - it was fun!
My kids are lucky... snow cones are on my list of favorite things in this world so I rarely say NO! Besides I didn't have to buy for 4 kids this time!

In our three years here I have yet to get tired of seeing mountains as the backdrop to all the things we do!! I was amazed 3 years ago and am still amazed! Love it! Will miss it!

Mohawk Ian!
He came up from under the water once and had this awesome hair do. We worked for 5 minutes to repeat and finally got semi-close!
Great day Ian! Love ya, you are a fun kid!!
Favorite parts of the day . . .
Ian giving me the thumbs up after I did a back flip in the water - not from the edge, just from in the water - I know, not very impressive but he thought so!
Hearing "Thank you mom!" in the van on the way home!
Now comes the dilemma . . . do I stay up and pack in the quiet of the house for another several hours or go to bed?? Will we really be ready to load a u-haul Friday??
My vote is bed- somehow it will get done!

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Mandy said...

Glad you have your priorities straight! Somehow that packing WILL be done by friday!! I am actually jealous - I LOVE water parks!

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