Sunday, May 31, 2009


Some years are just GOOD! If you are like me every year you pray your child will get a teacher who is a fit for who your child is, their learning style, and their personality. You pray they'll love them through their challenges and weaknesses, make learning an exciting adventure, and laugh and smile with them. This year we got all that and more!! Ian had a great teacher and a great class. We are THRILLED it's SUMMER but sad to see another year go by!! It means Ian's older, taller, and accomplished many things that you only accomplish in first grade!!


Ian's class did a performance of a list of songs they had learned through out the year on character skills. He did great, lots of air guitar! The show even ended with a air guitar solo by Ian . . . on the floor! You could tell the kids had fun all year learning these songs and got lots of energy out practicing them too! Couple of the songs even made me tear up!

The entire school has a Dance Festival at the end of the year. Each grade does a performance outside. The first graders did "SUMMER IS HERE".

I posted 4 videos of the performances. I know the grandparents would have loved to be there, so this is the next best thing!! (You gotta love technology!) (Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the blog and turn the music off so you'll hear the video without my blog music going too.)

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