Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hiking - A GOOD DAY!

Most adventures that we take involve some sort of whining, crying, fighting, arguing . . . and other days . . . it's just GOOD! Today was one of those GOOD days! The destination we set out for was closed and we didn't have our hiking book with us so we improvised and took off exploring. It was great!

We explored . . .
a big boulder
horse prints
poison ivy (we think)

We went around a lake via trail and decided instead of going back the way we came we'd just cross the river. That made for the best adventure. Tatum is a huge Dora the Explorer fan so we turned it into an episode.

Across the log.
Through the river.
Up the path.

(Now say those three things LOUDLY and you could be apart of the Dora show too! HA!)

Here's our adventure . . . I posted a lot of pictures this time!

(Team work got those two up the hill)

(Learning how to slide down the boulder.)

This was hilarious. . . .
(Tatum) "This so hard mommy."
I didn't know what she was trying to do.
(Carter) "You do it like this Tatum."
He picked up the stick, snapped it with his foot, and said, "Like that Tatum"
(Tatum) "Okay."
Then she tried again.
Never got it.

(Catching Spiders - they've been learning about them for weeks in school.)



THROUGH THE WATER AGAIN (at least for Jason)


Everyone but Jason made it to the van dry!! I think we crossed at four different spots and he did it 5 times each . . . yes he carried me too!

So many of my pics are from the back . . .I'm usually bringing up the back of our train but I also LOVE to get the picture of what they are seeing! We all see the world from such a different view. (That's really true in our family . . . from Tatum's short view to Jason's 6'7 view of the world and everything in between.)

Good day!!

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Becca said...

Love all the pictures Nicole! You are such an awesome mom! One that I admire and look up to! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

p.s. I tagged you on my blog! Hope you will play along! :)

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