Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break

This post is sort of out of order . . . . we had Spring Break a week ago . . . it wasn't "spring" weather and I was trying to keep my house clean so I was looking for cheap things to do with the kids. We did our fair share of laying around and watching tv in the morning but we filled a couple days with activity too.

We went to see Jason at Mrs. Fields (where he's been working) and we got a personal tour of the cookie factory from Jason's boss. It was hilarious because Carter and Coleson thought Jason had been baking cookies at work . . . I know we've told them a 100 times that he's fixing things and building things at the factory (he's building out a store front for them at the factory now) but baking cookies was stuck in their mind. We all got to wear these lovely hats!! It really was neat to see the process of such yummy cookies. It reminded me of my childhood . . . we went to the Blue Bell Ice Cream ("the best ice cream in the country") factory many times as a child!

One night, while our house was being looked at, we met Jason at Chuck-e-cheese. (I know all you moms are crying for me that I had to go to that place.) A long time ago Ian had found two coupons for this place and gave them to me. They were actually really good coupons so we pulled them out on this rainy/cold week. I thought it was so funny that Ian knew the coupons would up his chances of going to this place. Smart kid! Twins loved ice hockey! This kid kept following the twins around, even tried to take a few tokens a couple times, we later figured out that the twins were sharing their tokens with him. It became obvious why this kid was befriending Carter and Coleson. We teach our kids to be generous and look what happens. HA!
We took Ian's good friend Duncan out for lunch on his birthday! Always fun to celebrate with a friend!!

It was a good week but next year I'm putting in my order for SPRING weather over SPRING break!!

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